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Islanders News: Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash.

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Do not fire until fired upon.

So, uh, whattaya guys got cookin'?
So, uh, whattaya guys got cookin'?
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After years of waiting, the NHL Draft is finally here. NBCSN/Sportsnet at 7 p.m. is the place to be. We'll have more info all throughout the day.

Islanders links

  • The Islanders regular season schedule is out for you to plan your life around. [LHH]
  • Plot Twist! Garth Snow tells Darren Dreger that he "doesn't plan" to trade Kyle Okposo. [LHH]
  • Trent Klatt talks about his final draft with the Islanders, and says the team is approaching it as if they're still picking 21st. Next year, Velli-Pekka Kautonen, who has been the their chief European scout, will take over. [Newsday]
  • Relive that painful Awards Show sketch starring John Tavares and Rob Riggle and think about the missed opportunities. [LHH]
  • The Hockey News "previews" the Islanders draft by complimenting their past ones.
  • The man who runs The Skinny lives up to the name with the skinny on the Islanders schedule: "The Isles will play only 4 home games on Saturday -- and two of those, including a matinee, are in April. Only 6 Tuesday dates are scheduled. The Isles hosted 13 Saturday and 12 Tuesday games last season."
  • Josh Ho-Sang getting an invite to Canada's Junior is a nice change of pace. [St. Catherine's Standard]
  • Riveters forward Janine Weber calls into the Hockey Blog in Canada: The Hockey Show podcast.

Draft Stuff

  • For once, Americans get to call Bob McKenzie all their own. At least, for the next two days. [Puck Daddy]
  • The last time the Leafs picked fourth overall, The Skullet was born. [National Post]
  • We know how the Oilers will use their first pick. But what about pick No. 16? [Oilers Nation]
  • Draft oddities and follies. [NHL History Girl]
  • Searching for the intersection of the trade and draft markets. [Hockey-Graphs]
  • Above all, what you need is luck. [Simmons]

The Rest

  • The Avalanche pulled a move from the Garth Snow Playbook, acquiring UFA Carl Soderberg from the Bruins for a sixth rounder. [MHH]
  • Anybody want a slightly used Jeff Skinner? [PHT]
  • Puck Daddy's Can't Miss Games of 2015-16, most of which you'll probably miss.
  • Garik looks at good teams remaining good via neutral zone play. [Hockey-Graphs]
  • Keep your goalies close and your enemies...wait. What was I saying? [ESPN]
  • A look inside the Las Vegas arena that the NHL is definitely not definitely expanding to soon. [ESPN]
  • Mess with the salary cap and you get the horns. [WIIM]
  • The Oilers might be adding an orange third jersey this season. Copy cats! [Copper & Blue]