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On Second Thought: Snow "doesn't plan" on trading Okposo, per TSN's Dreger

Call off the dogs.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Kyle Okposo's stay "on the trading block" has apparently ended after almost a week, according to a cryptic and misspelled tweet by TSN insider Darren Dreger.

In the middle of a string of tweets about several players, Dreger dropped a nugget from Islanders general manager Garth Snow that said he no longer was looking to deal the 27-year-old winger.

Now, this 10-word tweet is short on context, nuance, information and, most importantly, proof-reading. But it does represent the latest twist in a story that started last Saturday, when a report by Newsday's Arthur Staple said Okposo was available for trade, primarily because his next contract could be more than the Islanders are willing to spend.

In his 30 Thoughts column, Sportnet's Elliotte Friedman said there was a lot of market "testing" going on and that Okposo's availability would probably fit into that category. As Staple himself said in response to Dreger, it's likely Snow put Okposo out there as a matter of course to see what he could get and saw no deals that moved the needle.

So as the Draft Day floor rapidly approaches, Okposo appears safe. For now.

Michael Grabner, on the other hand, might still want to keep his phone handy.