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NHL Awards: John Tavares meets his first 'Brooklyn reporter'

It's summer, it's Vegas, and this is how the NHL and its broadcast partners try to let loose.

"I'm sorry sir, but does Ad-Rock know you raided his wardrobe?"
"I'm sorry sir, but does Ad-Rock know you raided his wardrobe?"
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The flannel-bearded-hipster Brooklyn jokes began the moment a New York Islanders' relocation to the New York borough looked like a real possibility. They did not let up as that move evolved from preseason threat to "This is HAPPENING" reality.

They sure aren't going to let up now, with the Coliseum closed and the Islanders set to begin play in Brooklyn this fall, including three preseason games at Barclays Center.

So if you're tuning into Wednesday night's NHL awards ceremony in Las Vegas, where John Tavares is a Hart (MVP) trophy finalist and the league has ostensibly a national audience, you can expect more of the same as part of the festivities:

John Tavares sits down with a "Brooklyn Reporter" aka Rob Riggle ahead of tomorrow's #NHLAwards. #Isles

A photo posted by New York Islanders (@ny_islanders) on

(Here it is on Twitter if that is your goof-off social media avenue of choice.)

UPDATE: Here is the video clip of the interview with "Johnny Cupcakes":

If you didn't see the social media captions, that's Rob Riggle, the comedian known for, among many parts, his appearances in The Hangover, on SNL and the Daily Show, the voice of Aloysious O'Hare in The Lorax, and much more. He's a retired U.S. Marine and a graduate of University of Kansas and Webster University.

Now he's in Vegas, interviewing the Isles captain, decked out in a more Beastie Boys-era interpretation of Brooklyn gear. It doesn't make all that much sense, but it's just for fun, and it's not going to change the opinion of "I'm just going to watch on TV in protest" Isles fans anyway.