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Islanders News: Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.

Better than he was before. Better... stronger... faster.

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The Brad Marchand interpretive dance number killed at last year's show.
The Brad Marchand interpretive dance number killed at last year's show.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Islanders linkage

  • The Islanders preseason schedule is out and Brooklyn-centric. [LHH]
  • Kyle Okposo could star in a remake of the classic Lee Majors television series, The Six Million Dollar Man (not really, but yeah really.) [LHH]
  • Pierre McGuire vomits up some vague grist for the Okposo rumor mill. [IPB]
  • My friend Kyle from Winging It In Motown asked me a few Okposo questions and I responded by heartlessly bursting his bubble.
  • Michael Dal Colle chatted with the Point Blank podcast.
  • A great FanPost about seeing Al Arbour's 1,500th game at the Coliseum.
  • Don Cherry and Mike Milbury aren't even the most notable names in this story about Don Cherry and Mike Milbury. [LHH]
  • Our penultimate (I think) draft profile is going to college. [LHH]
  • And a draft profile of a young defenseman with a favored last name around here: Ryan Pilon.

Around the league stuff

  • Advanced stats for junior players are taking off, especially around draft time. []
  • Can you smell that? The GMs do. It's blood in the water in Florida. [Globe n Mail]
  • The best way to offer sheet an RFA is to do it twice. [TSN]
  • The general managers and NHL award show both happen in Las Vegas this week. It's just like The Hangover except Mike Tyson doesn't punch anybody.  [ESPN]
  • This year's draft coverage on NBCSN gets the varsity team. [BSH]
  • A full recap of this weekend's NWHL draft. [NWHL]
  • The Leafs could have a club in Beijing soon thanks to longtime efforts in China. [PPP]
  • More Leafs: Phil Kessel's eight team list is wishful thinking for everyone, including Phil. [PPP]
  • Congrats to Philly's Jakub Voracek for winning an award and surviving a mauling my mutant rabbits. [Puck Daddy]