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Zeitgeist: Complete List of Fan Clothing Restrictions at Amalie Arena

What you can wear and where at the Lightning's home rink.

Let's see those white shoes, pops.
Let's see those white shoes, pops.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

During the playoffs, the Tampa Bay Lightning have been criticized for policies that prohibit the wearing of opposing team jerseys in certain areas at Amalie Arena. Visiting Red Wings fans didn't like the rules, visiting Canadiens fans didn't like the rules and New York Rangers fans didn't understand the rules because they weren't written in pictures.

With the Lightning set to face the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup final, tourists are rightfully concerned about wearing the proper attire and not getting kicked out of a game even after purchasing a ticket fair and square.

Through our sources, Lighthouse Hockey has acquired the definitive list of what can and can't be worn where inside the Lightning's home rink. It turns out that restricting what colors can be worn in specified sections is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you're thinking about visiting Tampa Bay during the Cup final, make sure you consult this list before leaving your hotel room. What you're wearing could get you stopped at the door or booted from your seats.

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No Bandwagon Parking (Sections 129, 130 and 101-103)

This section is reserved for owners of original black-blue-and-silver Lightning merchandise only. Fans must present their items at the time of entry. Anyone with any inaugural 1992-93 Lightning products get preferred seating over any teenagers or Canadians in the section.

Early Bird Special Seating (Sections 114-118)

Reserved for fans 55-and-over. White shorts, white belts and white shoes are required for gentlemen.


All fans holding tickets to this area must be wearing shorts or cut-off leggings consisting of denim or dungaree cloth in blue, black, white or acid-washed colors. Full length pants will NOT be allowed.

Hooters Bikini Beach and BBQ VIP Area (Section 214)

Scantily-clad servers of the famous Florida-founded restaurant chain cater to customers in this special premium section. Patrons must be 21-or-older and are encouraged (but not forced) to wear swim trunks or bathing suits of their own. Note for parents: The only things skimpier than the outfits in the Hooters Bikini Beach and BBQ VIP Area are the meal portions.

Pitbull's Palz (Section 124)

This kids-only section features a real, working barbershop, allowing fans to have their heads shaved just like Miami-born entertainer Pitbull. Haircuts are MANDATORY. All fans in attendance all also receive a free pair of Gucci sunglasses and mild case of Tinnitus.

Florida Man No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem Deck (Outside sections 320 and 321)

Come as you are, bro. Fans with face tattoos are admitted free of charge, but may be subject to security searches at any time.

NO FLANNEL ALLOWED (All Amalie Arena seating areas)

Sorry, Canadians.


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