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Not-Much-Islanders News: I wanna thank you all for coming here tonight. And drinking all of my booze.

The apple has fallen very far from the tree, Mr. Wayne.

So, uh, where ya goin'?
So, uh, where ya goin'?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders link

  • Know a place near Barclays Center that would make a good spot for pre- or post-game LHH meet-ups? Let's hear about them in this Fanpost.

Hockey World links

  • It has been a seriously long-ass time since the Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup in front of their home crowd. They can do just that tonight. [SCH]
  • A cool graphic showing the jerseys worn by the Cup-winning teams going back to 1918. []
  • TSN has revealed what's believed to be the list of teams Phil Kessel would accept a trade to. The Islanders aren't on it, which means exactly squat. [PPP]
  • Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts on drafting defensemen, trade targets and goalie coaches.
  • Hockey stats analysts are a thing now, years after other sports had them. [Chicago Tribune]
  • More about the proposed single-team streaming options you might see rolled out by the NHL soon. (long story short: if you're in the blackout area, you're still out of luck.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Sean Gentille of The Sporting News chronicles a Stanley Cup road trip that's included a sci-fi convention, local foods and awkward press conferences.
  • Ninety-year old Stanley Cup champions have seen some amazing things, so sit down, shut up and listen to them, you punks. [Sportsnet]