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Islanders News: With the shape I'm in you could donate my body to science fiction.

The Triple Lindy.

They're multiplying.
They're multiplying.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Islanders links

  • The Islanders and Flyers will invade Allentown, PA for a preseason game in September. [LHH | MCall]
  • Jarret Stoll's arrest shines a light on the NHL and NHLPA's interesting policies on recreational drugs. [LHH]
  • The head of NBC Sports wants players to ditch their playoff beards, another example of how The Peacock hates the Islanders. [LHH]
  • Another story about the Strome boys, this one calling them a "dynasty." [Sportsnet]
  • Thanks to teams like the Islanders and Maple Leafs, China has a budding hockey culture. [Foreign Policy]
  • Not a bad way to ride to an away game. [Islanders]

Other stuff

  • Victor Hedman has become a monster in these playoffs. Bad news for the Blackhawks (and the rest of the Eastern Conference). []
  • New Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill is following a very, very tough act. [WIIM]
  • NEW! Gird thyselves for more Coyotes arena battles as Glendale tries to wiggle out of their contract with the team. [Five for Howling]
  • Doc Emrick will receive the Vin Scully Award for being himself. [AP]
  • This is a great idea: the NHLPA is establishing a Back to School program for current players to get degrees. []
  • WrestleMania! Blackhawks fan CM Punk has some strong words for Lightning fan Hulk Hogan. Maybe they can settle their differences with an appearance on Piper's Pit. That always solved everything.