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Islanders News: Memorial Cup for Michael; Barclays Tours; Thunder rolls but Garth Brooks will wait

But will Chris Gaines still play?

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Wait. The concert's cancelled?
Wait. The concert's cancelled?
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Barely Islanders-related links

  • Michael Dal Colle and the Oshawa Generals capped off their year with a Memorial Cup victory that closed Le Colisee. Lots of stories and video of happy, yelling, bearded kids followed. [LHHToronto StarDurham ]
  • You can take a tour of the Barclays Center on select  days this summer to check out the Islanders' new digs. The official site has all the info for buying (yes, buying) tickets. Thanks to NetsDaily for the heads-up.

Other links

  • The Tampa Bay Lightning have done the impossible: they forced Garth Brooks to cancel three concerts to accommodate the Stanley Cup Final. No one cancels Garth Brooks. Garth Brooks cancels you. [Tampa]
  • Raw Charge urges Tampa fans to embrace that non-traditional Sunbelt hockey status that drives some Canadians and their media so crazy.
  • James Mirtle on dynasty building and where the Blackhawks fit in. [Globe n Mail]
  • After a year in Russia, Anders Nilsson still wants an NHL gig. [PHT]
  • Garth Brooks might have been bumped in Florida, but Nashville's All Star Game logo is sufficiently countrified. [On The Forecheck]