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Hockey News: Brock scores, U.S. falls to Belarus, Wild swept, Habs live

Another Wild bites the dust.

Brock lobster.
Brock lobster.
Matej Divizna/Getty Images

If you watched the hockey last night, you saw a sweep by a recent two-time champion and a thunderous sweep-aversion by the NHL's all-time Cup holder.

Tonight, the Capitals can kill off the Smurfs in Game 5 and the Ducks can damage the Flames in Game 4.

Quasi-Islanders News

Not cool (for the U.S., and their two Islanders): Bealrus beat the U.S. (Okay, it's definitely cool from an underdog angle.) But Brock Nelson scored. Belarus currently sits atop the group. [AP]

The OHL final should be a fascinating one, with Isles pick Michael Dal Colle against Erie's Connor McDavid and Brother of Strome. [Star]

NEW! (Dan edit) Making the rounds this morning is a letter from Charles Wang to Islanders fans published and Newsday (and Tweeted by the team below). Nothing groundbreaking, just  a general thanks and a "see you in Brooklyn." Wyshynski doesn't like that it ignores the dynasty, which is valid. No letter is going to change Wang's legacy at this point, but I guess he figured he had to say something while they pack the banners into moving boxes.

Beyond the Quasi-Isles
  • The #currentWild are done, via sweep. At least they made the final minutes interesting though, so there's that. [Puck Daddy]
  • "Thomas Vanek is getting a pass." [Star-Trib]
  • The Hawks won but lost Michal Rozsival to injury. [NHL]
  • The Habs, on the other hand, defeated their Bishop demons by getting him yanked and steamrolling the Lightning to dodge a sweep. [Puck Daddy]
  • If you build it...well, the NHL might not come, but here are cool looks inside Quebec's new arena. (Kind of weird to see it at this stage, with its similarities to the Coliseum in rink-breakdown mode, and given Quebecors' lust for our team.) [THN]
  • A look at the possible coaches for the Oilers, with some good quips and a general sense of the "I think this guy would be good but maybe not" dilemma when considering new coaches. [Copper & Blue]
  • Where have all the goals gone? The new track from Paula Cole. [TSN]
  • Good piece, by a lot of writers, on forms of sexism in and around the NHL. [PPP]