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Islanders News: Photos of Closing Nassau Coliseum

They removed the ice. Meanwhile, the Flames come back from the brink, while the Wild keep fading away.

Nooooo! Dad, NO, make them stop!
Nooooo! Dad, NO, make them stop!
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Yesterday's reads were all about breaking down, and remembering (once again) New York Islanders memories from Nassau Coliseum as they removed the ice.

Fittingly, the best images came from Bruce Bennett of Getty, who has chronicled just about every significant moment the Isles had in the building. You'll find his images above and all over in the stories below. The time lapse video also appears below these links.

Time-Lapse Video of Final Coliseum Ice Removal (Warning: MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME VIEWERS)

Beyond the Tears
  • A new(?) resource for player contracts and salaries and such. [General Fanager]
  • Last night the Flames were just minutes away from falling behind in the series 3-0. Instead they tied it on a 4-on-3 (5 with the extra attacker) power play goal by Johnny The Lesser, and won in overtime on a delayed penalty (goalie pulled again) with Jiri Hudler standing in the crease.
  • ...before they tied it, an amazing save by Frederik Andersen kept them behind. But it was so close, and so inconclusive after video review, you can forgive Flames fans for thinking it was 2004 Game 6 all over again.
  • So that series is 2-1. Which is good, because the #currentWild fell behind 3-0 in their series after being shut out at home. (This despite the Hawks committing something like their 13th too-many-men penalty of the season, which Facebook once told me never happen under a REAL NHL coach.)
  • Wild coach Mike Yeo: "We've got to find a way to solve that." Yes.
  • "This imposter Shero has no more right to succeed than a hog." There will be a battle for Lou's throne in New Jersey. [LHH Zeitgeist]
  • A judge says Gary Bettman must testify, testify yo, in the concussion lawsuit. [TSN]