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End of the Ice Age: Nassau Coliseum ice removed for the final time

Clean up day.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Work crews at Nassau Coliseum removed the sheet of ice for the final time today, as the Islanders will finally set up shop at Barclays Center starting next season.

The removal was captured in a series of tweets by Newsday videographer Bobby Cassidy, beginning with the removal of the dashers and the loosening of the molding surrounding the ice and culminating in the final scraping of shavings via forklift plow thingy contraption (scientific term).

Some folks prefer to believe the Islanders will come back to Nassau in the future, either temporarily or permanently. But those are debates and dreams for another time.

Today, it's about a playing surface that's seen a lot of history being removed for the first time in 43 years without the prospect of returning in October.

Thanks very much to Cassidy for posting the images and we look forward to his next Islanders video on

UPDATE: As usual, Bruce Bennett nails it with a fine pic: