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Islanders Most Wanted: Some points bulletin issued for McDonald's glove, stolen from Coliseum

We're getting a posse together.

You seen this glove? Take a GOOD look.
You seen this glove? Take a GOOD look.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

So someone stole a glove from the Islanders bench after their last game at Nassau Coliseum, the Game 6 win against the Capitals. I guess as far as souvenirs go, it's cheaper than a $20 tiny bottle of melted ice and slightly less embarrassing than a broken seat, but nevertheless the glove doesn't belong to the guy who currently has it in his possession.

The actual owner of the glove is Islanders forward Colin McDonald, who reached out to Newsday's Arthur Staple to voice his unconcern.

A picture of the suspect has been circulated through local papers and television news broadcasts. If you know this guy, or you are him and are reading this right now, the police would like a word with you (and thanks for reading!).

If this seems like a minor and perhaps mostly victim-less crime, that might be because as a franchise, the Islanders are often involved in more high-profile schemes.

But seriously, let's get McDonald's glove back. Together, we can bring this fugitive to justice. Right, Sam?