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More Islanders Injuries Revealed: Okposo's eye redux, Nielsen's ankle. Nelson to Worlds.

Wanna know how I got these scars?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Day two of the Islanders exit interviews brought forth more once confidential injury information, via Arthur Staple of Newsday. Staple specifically mentioned two guys who caused a lot of "Does he look hurt to you?" chatter among the fans over the last section of the season.

Kyle Okposo missed a month after the All Star break with the gruesome-sounding detached retina. But it wasn't that simple; Okposo actually doubled down on surgery on the same eye because of an infection prior to his return to the ice.

Okposo didn't exactly hit the ground running when he returned to the line-up and had a noticeable loss in chemistry with his previous linemate, John Tavares. Either the halting in his conditioning or just the trauma of having a pair of chilling operations on a pretty important part of his body could explain that.

A little more surprising is the reveal of a high ankle sprain to Frans Nielsen, who didn't play poorly exactly against the Capitals, but seemed to just be a hair off his normal solid self.  There were some vague reports of a leg injury and a surprise scratching in March, but there was nothing definitive on his condition. Turns out, Nielsen had not one but two instances of the sprain, and has been hampered by it for the last two months.

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New Worlds Order

In more positive news, Brock Nelson is healthy and will represent the good ol' USA at the World Championships, joining his "Kid Line" teammate, and fellow Minnesota native, Anders Lee.

Team Belarus, however, will be without the services of Mikhail Grabovski, whom Staple believes may have been given a note from his bosses to stay home from school.