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The New York Islanders-Washington Capitals first round playoff series recapped by cats


Poor kitty
Poor kitty

As we did during the regular season, Lighthouse Hockey posted recaps of every Islanders playoff game exclusively at our Facebook page using only cat pictures. We call them Re-Cats.

Here are all seven Re-Cats from the Islanders' first round playoff series against the Washington Capitals. As before, each Re-Cat consists of three parts: the final score, a player of the game (usually for the winning team) and a cat.

The gallery is embedded below or you can click here to visit our Facebook page and view the Re-Cats. If you do visit the page - and I still feel filthy even asking this, especially now - please give us a completely superficial and ultimately worthless "like."

Thanks to everyone for following the Re-Cats all season and into the playoffs. And sincere apologies to LHH Swiss correspondent Francesca, who tweeted me a picture of her cat that I never ended up using. Please re-send it next season.