Thank You LHH

No -- thank YOU! - Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

LHH Editors' Note: Front-paging this FanPost because 1) the feeling's mutual, and 2) it's a good testament to how so many of you make this a fun and interesting place to talk hockey.

I've been a lurker here for about 3 years. I started dating a girl in 2012 (now my fiance) who is a diehard bleeds blue Islander fan from Nassau county. I am from NJ and wasn't a huge hockey guy. I liked it and followed a little but my knowledge of the Isles was pretty much "Lol they suck."

Oh how wrong I was. She means the world to me and after sitting in 4 hours of traffic to go to the Draft Party in 2012 I figured I'd give this team a shot and see why she loves them so much. So I looked for Isles info online and easily the most accessible and positive I found was you lovely folk here at LHH. And I began to read. And I found our Lord and Savior John Tavares. I found the Danish Prince Ftans Nielsen. And all the other inside jokes that permeate this place.

And I found out how amazing Coliseum is to be at when its full of fans who are amped up for this team to win during the 2013 playoffs. And then I found out how passionate this fabase is last season in the doldrums once JT went down in the Olympics. I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you LHH for helping me understand why my fiance loves this team so much, for educating me about how great this franchise is, and for reminding me about how good we are even when it's dark. I know I'm a short-time fan but I love this team.

Even after tonight's loss I could not be prouder of how they played and defied everyone's expectation except our own. Thanks guys for making this season more memorable than it already was.

-Isles Fan in Jersey

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