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Islanders News: Furious 7, The Magnificent Seven, The Seven Ups, The Seventh Seal


I said, there is no Game 8.
I said, there is no Game 8.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I love Game 7's. All that pressure, the super high stakes, every play magnified a thousand times, knowing any player at any time could become the goat or the hero.

But now that the Islanders are involved, it's a different story. The nausea started around the time the Blues-Wild game was coming to an end on Sunday. By the time you read this, I'll probably be a distracted, nervous wreck. What I'll be at 7:30 tonight I have no idea. Most likely in the fetal position on my living room floor.

This is a chance for this incarnation of the franchise to write some history. Could be good, could be bad. Either way, it's going on their permanent record.

Be strong everyone. And try to have fun. Even if it feels like your stomach is trying to detach itself and escape your body via whatever orifice it can get out first.

Islanders links

  • Newsday: The Islanders are ready to roll with Jaro. | Between the Game 7 vets and newbies, the Islanders can do this. | Pat LaFontaine knows what it's like to be a Game 7 hero. Expect the unexpected.
  • NY Post: Old Man Playoffs Johnny Boychuk knows his way around a Game 7. | If they win and don't score a power play goal, the Islanders could make some weird history.
  • The Daily News does the LaFontaine thing, too.
  • Islanders want to take the energy and good vibes from their last game at the Coliseum to Verizon Center. [NY Times]
  • Washington Post: The Caps want to check their emotions at the door. | With their backs against the wall, the Islanders responded in Game 6.
  • The AP previews Game 7 from an "epic" perspective.
  • Taking the lessons from the previous six games into the final stage. [National Post]
  • This series had the max written all over it from the beginning. [ESPN]
  • The playoffs are about survival and so far, the Islanders have kept going. [WSJ]
  • Islanders Game 7 history includes some important moments and anticlimactic ones. [LHH]
  • Let's talk Capitals Game 7 nightmares: | Washington Times.
  • "Isles-Caps Game 7 evokes memories of epic Leafs collapse." Yeah, if you're the Toronto Sun and see everything in a blue and white light.
  • An aside: at what times during periods are the Islanders giving up goals? The answers may (or may not) shock you. [FanPost]
  • This is one way to get souvenirs from the Coliseum without paying the marked up prices at the team store. [News12 Long Island]
  • Hey, look at the bright side: if the Islanders lose tonight, they could always return to the Coliseum for Game 8. Wait. [Deadspin]

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