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Bettman: Don't hold your breath on an Islanders return to Nassau County

Built it and maaaaaaaaaaaybe they'll come.

Call me when you get a clue
Call me when you get a clue
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman met with sports editors today to address a few league issues and to casually put his foot in his mouth by condoning some equally clueless sexism.

But the subject of the Islanders' move to Brooklyn and their no-doubt-just-a-matter-of-time-because-the-guy-at-Carvel-told-me-so move back to Uniondale came up and Bettman said what a lot of us here have been saying for a veryvery long time: Nassau has more hot air than a WWII blimp leaving Mitchell Field.

As captured by Newsday's Jim Baumbach on Twitter, Bettman threw around a lot of cold water, including some on the once expected "six home games" that could be played at a new Nassau Coliseum, which, technically, if you want to nitpick, hasn't actually been built yet and whose very existence is not guaranteed.

While I'd prefer to think that Bettman came to this cynicism thanks to the voracious daily reading of Lighthouse Hockey, it's more likely that he's been working with various big fish in small ponds across multiple Nassau administrations since he took the job in 1993 and knows better than to trust these guys as far as he can throw them.

So, there you go. For what it's worth. And for god's sake, don't chant "Ka-ty Per-ry!" as a way of getting under Corey Perry's skin. It's creepy, alienating, antiquated, horrible and not even clever. Much like Corey Perry is already.


Baumbach has posted more of some questions he asked Bettman regarding the Islanders and the commish was even more specific: