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Islanders Gameday News: That's my secret, Cap. I'm always angry.

The Drive for Game 5.

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Play hahd, but smaht, too.
Play hahd, but smaht, too.
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Game 5. 7:00 pm. Washington, D.C. Capitals. Islanders (with some new faces).

Islanders news

  • Newsday sets the scene: Lubomir Visnovsky is out, maybe for the foreseeable future. | Emotional Islanders need to keep their focus. | And stop breaking your friggin' sticks.
  • So who might be in? It could be anyone from Mikhail Grabovski to Griffin Reinhart to anyone in between. [LHHNY Post]
  • Brian Compton has all the info at Grabbo's ready | Changes coming | Replacing Lubo
  • The hit by Tom Wilson that knocked Visnovsky out is either great or horrible depending on which team newsletter you subscribe to. [LHH]
  • The Islanders aren't happy with Wilson. [Daily NewsNY PostCPNY Times]
  • Eric Morris examines whether the hit was a charge and if similar plays had resulted in supplemental discipline. [NHL Injury]
  • It's down to three games for the right to play four to seven more games. [Islanders]
  • Caps' Side: Japers Rink on who did what well in Game 4. | Russian Machine on the war of words.
  • If they want to win, the Islanders are going to have to overcome the loss of some pretty important defensemen. [Bourne at The Score]
  • Tuesday saw two overtime games, the Islanders-Capitals just sorta normal OT and the epic three OT insanity of Blackhawks-Predators. [Grantland]
  • Lots of passionate feelings on the disheartening Coliseum fan experience stories of the last week: Islesblog | IslesTalk | Islanders Insight
  • There will be an increased police presence at the Coliseum for Game 6 with an APB out for seat stealers. [Newsday]
  • MUST READ: Al Arbour's health remains poor, but he and his family find joy in the current Islanders. [Toronto Sun]


  • Playoff Updates: Bye Bye, Jets. Winnipeg was swept by Anaheim in a blowout. [AIH] | Ottawa stays alive (of course) with a 1-0 win over Montreal. [SSS]
  • Recently pink-slipped Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli talked to the Oilers, probably about why he didn't trade them Johnny Boychuk back in September. [Copper n Blue]
  • Somehow, impossibly, Oilers fans vow to carry on. (yes, yes, Islanders fans joke, blahblahblah) [Copper n Blue]
  • Last Oilers-related thing: how do they stack up with the similarly rebuilding Panthers? [LBC]
  • Pro Tip: Don't spend too much of your salary cap space on a damn goalie. [Globe n Mail]
  • Smart guy Nate Silver says Las Vegas shouldn't get a hockey team. | Greg Wyshynski says Silver's not as smart as he thinks he is.
  • Joe Micheleti is racking up the frequent flyer miles in the playoffs. [Newsday]
  • The third and (I think) final piece of the Strome armada is almost ready to set sail. []
  • Dan Carcillo gets very emotional about his late best friend and former teammate Steve Montador. No #GorillaSalad jokes for today. [Players Tribune]
  • These kids are the next generation of stats guys some of you are going to hate. One is an Islanders fan. [Wall Street Journal, of course]

(erm... very NSFW. With Polish subtitles). Everybody wants to Do It For Lubo. But check yourself, and don't let it get in the way of the W.