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IslesTunes: Song and Video for 'Islanders Like Me'

An original song and video inspired by the Islanders, Nassau Coliseum, Barclays Center, Billy Joel, Long Island, street hockey and all kinds of stuff.

A few weeks ago, Justin Bourne of the The Score Tweeted a link to a song and video called "Islanders Like Me." The song has a gritty pop sound and the video is loving-crafted with shots of the Coliseum, friends attending games and some well-timed visual gags.

We reached out to video producer and writer Andrew Theodorakis to ask him a few questions about the song and its influences.

* * *

Lighthouse Hockey: Can you tell us a little bit about the song's background? You're listed as producer, but you wrote it as well, correct?

Andrew Theodorakis: The song itself is sung in the persona of a depleted fan, like his fellow islanders, finding it increasingly hard to deal with the lose of his favorite sports franchise.

I came up with the idea to write the song with my friend Chubbs (Dan Koloski). I originally recorded a version with me singing but it sounded like Mark Whalberg in Boogie Nights. Its a very high octave and I needed someone who can sign like a girl. That's where my other friend James O'Neil came in.

LHH: How about the video? Did you shoot the footage yourself at various games specifically for the song?

AT: I started shooting lots of video when I first heard the team was moving a few years ago. As I interviewed fans and shot scenes it started to morph into a music video at the end of last season. I shot everything myself (except for the shots I'm in). It wasn't hard to convince my friend John Collins to film me for a couple of beers and some food.

LHH: What's your personal history with the Islanders?

AT: When you grow up on the north shore of Long Island, street hockey is everything. Think "White Men Can't Jump" but with orange mylec balls. You had to pledge alliance with either the Islanders or the Rangers. Having the Islanders play in our backyard and just come off winning four Stanley Cups in a row, the decision is easy.

I also attended Bobby Nystrom's hockey camp in Cantiague Park. I got to skate with him and Ken Morrow. I think about Ken alot. He won four Stanley Cups and a Gold Medal in five years and probably never gets recognized in public.

LHH: The song has a real Billy Joel vibe to it. Conscious choice because of the Long Island connection or just happenstance?

AT: I wanted the song to be reflective of a Long Island musician. The short list was Public Enemy, Twisted Sister, and Billy Joel. (Dan note: I'm sad Pat Benatar. The Stray Cats and Blue Oyster Cult missed the cut.) Billy is a true song writer and seemed like the obvious choice. Plus Billy and I have something in common, we both love a good drink.

We thank Andrew very much for his time. He is a professional photographer and you can see more of his work at and at his Youtube channel.