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Islanders News: 15 Seconds over Washington; Boychuk's penalty killing spree; Caps fans harassed at Coliseum

The noise was brought.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Time for some reflecting time after an eventful Sunday afternoon on Long Island.

Islanders links:

  • Recaps: LHH | Newsday | NY Post | NY Daily News | NY Times | Islanders | | Japers
  • On Tavares's Terrific  and Timely Tally: Puck DaddyNY Post | | WaPo | Russian Machine breaks down the play | National Post on it's place in Islanders history
  • The captain is doing what every hockey player dreams of. [Newsday]
  • Johnny Boychuk was a penalty killing machine in the second period. [NewsdayNY Post | CBS]
  • Vote for Lubo. [Newsday]
  • Experience is overrated. [Sporting News]
  • The party at the Coliseum got started and raucus early. [NY Post | Vaccaro on the "unforgettable" noise]
  • The national media is coming for your Coliseum memories: AP (via ABC)
  • Luck wasn't with the Sound Tigers this season, right up to the very end. They finished the season getting all the wrong bounces in a 2-1 loss to Hartford. [CT Post]
  • Michael Fornabaio hands out some imaginary hardware to the Bridgeport players for the season and talks Brett Gallant and meetings in a season wrap up.
  • There might be some issue between Joshua Ho-Sang and his interim coach at Niagara. Ho-Sang appeared to be yanked off the ice in the dying minutes of Friday's loss to Oshawa. []
  • Things got extremely ugly at the Coliseum for a group of NYC-based Caps fans yesterday. This kind of behavior is unacceptable anywhere, sports or not. If you know the perpetrators (or, god forbid, are the perpetrators), know that these actions give Islanders fans a bad name that won't easily be shaken. We've had other reports of similar incidents happening between Canadiens and Senators fans and Canucks and Flames fans. It's sad that it happens at all in 2015 and it's sadder that Islanders fans had to join the party. I'm sorry for the fans that had to deal with this. [Driven by Boredom]
  • More bad news: the loss of the Islanders means the loss of 2,500 Coliseum jobs. Good work, custodians of the public trust. [Newsday]
  • Today's Long Read: Writer Nick Hirshon ponders the history and what happens to the Coliseum after the Islanders leave?


  • No, really, the Sabres are perfectly fine drafting Jack Eichel this June. [ESPN]
  • Seriously? The Oilers again? This is a bad idea. [USA Today | Matchsticks on Edmonton's ignominious injury history]
  • A few behind the scenes features on the Lottery 2015: The Oilers Strike Back: Sportsnet |
  • Dear whoever can make this happen: Please get Mike Milbury into the Bruins' general manager's office. [Haggs]