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Islanders vs. Capitals [Stanley Cup Playoff Game #3 Thread]

He gets knocked down, but he'll get up again.
He gets knocked down, but he'll get up again.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Islanders took one out of two in Washington and proverbially stole home ice. Now they're back in Uniondale as their series vs. the Capitals continues. They're knotted at one and are not coming off of a good game.

Braden Holtby will return in net for the Capitals to night while the Islanders continue to go with Jaroslav Halak. Tyler Kennedy is drawing in for Michael Grabner who didn't have a good game the last time out. The same defensive pairings will be used.

7:00 PM EST
Radio Network Arena Network Radio
CKST 1040 NHL/TVA/SN Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum NHL/TVA/SN WRHU 88.7
League Value Metric Value League
8th 61.6% Points Percentage 61.6% 8th
1st 25.32% Power Play Percentage 18.73% 16th
14th 81.20% Penalty Kill Percentage 77.88% 26th
1st 106.52% Combined Special Teams 96.61% 26th
4th .456 Goals +/- per 60 Minutes (All) .252 12nd
6th 2.8 Goals for per 60 Minutes (All) 2.9 4th
4th 2.4 Goals against per 60 Minutes (All) 2.7 19th
12nd 51.2% Faceoff Percentage (All) 49.2% 18th
21st -.240 Penalty +/- per 60 Minutes (All) .551 4th
12nd 3.89 Corsi +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) 7.85 4th
12nd 3.04 Fenwick +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) 7.55 2nd
15th 1.35 Shot +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) 5.21 2nd
11st 2.39 Scoring Chance +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) 4.00 3rd
15th 100.06% P.D.O. (5V5) 99.55% 23rd
9th 8.08% Shooting Percentage (5V5) 7.88% 15th
14th 92.41% Save Percentage (5V5) 91.43% 27th
The Enemies' Lair
Japers' Rink