Jack Russell's is now NYC's UES Islanders bar.

Not officially, but who cares? It's about time we take over a bar. I find it absurd that I've lived in New York all my life, been on the Upper East Side for 5 years, and I just had to spend like two hours scouring the internet for a good place to watch the Isles.

So here's the deal: Mike ("Too emotionally invested") and I will be at Jack Russell's at 6pm tomorrow night. It's not technically an Islanders bar but they will play the audio and each booth has a television so you can put it on whatever channel you want. I spoke to someone on Reddit who was there on Wednesday and said they did put on audio. His name is kyleokok, not sure if he's also on this board. I mentioned I was going to post it here so... hi kyleokok!

Now for some good news:
- Mike and I have been there before and can confirm that it's not a dump and the food is pretty good. Reasonably priced, too.
- The Isles will never play on the same night as the Rangers (in the playoffs) so this could be our go-to bar if that's what people are interested in.
- We are going to bring a crowd and as far as I could tell from the Reddit thread there will be other Isles fans there, too.

Jack Russell's info:
1591 2nd Ave b/t 82nd St & 83rd St. 212.472.2800

Here's Reddit thread for reference.

See you there!!!

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