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Lighthouse Hockey NHL Bracket Challenge Best Name Bracket

Who will be the last pun standing?

Only one way to Brock
Only one way to Brock
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Try as we might, we are all prisoners of the National Hockey League. But every once in a while, the suits on Sixth Avenue allow the common man to have some fun, and this playoff season, the NHL Bracket Challenge gives us a chance to pick the winners of each round and maybe win stuff (you won't, but whatever).

Lighthouse Hockey's own Michael Willhoft set up a Bracket Challenge for readers and commenters, and the response was great, to the tune of over 180 entrants each with his or her own unique bracket name.

As to be expected with the folks that hang out here, the bracket names show an extremely high (and extremely hilarious) sense of creativity. So much so that I went ahead and made a bracket for the brackets so that we can determine once and for all who has the best name.


There are four (4) divisions of 12 (or so) names each. For the first round, PLEASE SELECT YOUR TWO (2) FAVORITE NAMES. Again, these are all real names made by real people for this real NHL Bracket Challenge.

I'll then collect the eight winners and make a second round. I'll try to seed them based on the number of total votes, but I make no promises.

Then we'll drill down until only one remains.


There are some great names in there that I couldn't include due to the sheer scope of it. Honorary mentions go to the four folks with variations of Yes! Yes! Yes! and the two Real Johnny Hockey's. I tried to go eight divisions but it just became too much.

I'm also sure I missed some great ones. If I did, I apologize but sometimes sports are cruel.

Good luck and may the best name win.

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