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Islanders News: Young guns and old dogs; Outstanding Ovechkin versus Terrific Tavares

Hyped yet?

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Anders smash!
Anders smash!
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders links

Every paper gets ready for the playoffs:

  • Newsday: Frans Nielsen and Matt Martin may be back for Game 1, but Travis Hamonic looks doubtful. | Kid Line preps for post-season. | Johnny Boychuk and Nick Leddy are used to this time of year |  Butch and Joe want Isles-Rangers |
  • NY Post: Time for the Islanders to hit a hard resetHow to stop Ovechkin without Hamonic.
  • Daily News: Ovechkin the Tank. | Stop that man.
  • Japers Rink on their Anders Lee envy.
  • Captain vs Captain: Who ya got? [AP]
  • The Capitals will need to worry about stopping Tavares the way the Islanders will worry about Ovechkin. [Stars & Sticks | NEW! Russian Machine]
  • Sportsnet's Gare Joyce steps out of his bleu-blanc-et-rouge bunker to tell the masses of the superlative Tavares playing away way the hell out in God's Country.
  • Jiggs! Now and forever. [LHH]
  • Ralph Macchio isn't sure about the Islanders Cup chances, but he's being philosophical about the ride. []
  • We may hear Coliseum news via Bruce Ratner today that I'm sure will be squashed by some local politician. [Newsday]
  • Long Islanders prepare for the arduous, dangerous adventure beyond Uniondale to watch hockey. I'm gonna level with you all: not everyone is going to make it back. [WSJ]J
  • Chris King on the Islesblog podcast talks about how John Tavares heard he lost the Art Ross Trophy.
  • A Coliseum write-up in...Rolling Stone? Did every member of Pink Floyd stop returning their calls?
  • NEW! Are you in NYC and want to watch the Islanders at a bar? Vukota is open to suggestions. [FanPost]

Other stuff

  • SBN's pretty playoff bracket is alive.
  • The Flyers are in good hands: Craig Berube doesn't know how hockey works [BSH] | Lecavalier wants Berube out. [BSH]
  • Jaime Benn won the Art Ross playing on a bum hip. He'll sit out 4-5 months after surgery. [DMN]
  • Jagr's staying in South Florida for another year. [LBC]
  • The Oilers like Yak, give him two-year bridge deal. [C&B]
  • Literally any team could win the Cup this year. [Mirtle | CBS Sports | WaPo with upset picks]
  • All your 2014-15 regular season stats n' stuff. [Sportsnet]
  • Between Two Zambonis with Ryan Kesler gets personal (and hilarious) with Ryan Getzlaf. [Bar Down]

Practice video. Nice hair, Frans.