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Tea Leaves from the Buckeye State: Staple Q&A on Grabner, deHaan, prospects and playoffs

Welcome to Ohio.

One of these guys is playing right now.
One of these guys is playing right now.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Trapped in a hotel room in Columbus before even the Islanders arrived there, Newsday's Arthur Staple took some time to answer Islanders fan questions on Twitter about why the hell [Guy X] isn't playing anymore.

Main topics of conversation included the future of recent Michael Grabner and Calvin deHaan, the progress of various prospects and Staple's prognostications for the post-season. Here are a few choice cuts for the Twitter uninclined.

On the D minus deHaan (eHaan?)

On the still missing Mikhail Grabovski (concussion)

On the injury that forced Frans Nielsen from practice today

On what if they traded Josh Bailey for...

On Grabner, whose absence is notable and extremely irritating

So, how are the kids?

On the playoffs (pending a clinching)

On ghosts and Ghostbusting

On off-season moves, likely and unlikely


As always, we thank Arthur for answering and hope he enjoyed his Big Salad.