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Spanning the Island: The Mike Bossy/John Tavares Interviews

Forget "20/20." This is "22/91."

This guy is good at hockey.
This guy is good at hockey.
MSG Networks

Islanders legend Mike Bossy interviewed Islanders legend-in-the-making John Tavares for MSG Network and the segments aired during and after the Islanders 4-3 shootout loss to Florida on Saturday night.

The two guys obviously know something about putting pucks in the net, but Bossy asks Tavares about his growth as a player and the Islanders as a team during his era. They share stories about superstitions and the fans that have cheered for both of them.

MSG's website broke up the interview into individual segments for some reason (probably at the behest of Rangers overlord and howlin' bluesman James Dolan), but we've culled them all here for your viewing pleasure.

1. Tavares talks about how the atmosphere around the Islanders has changed during his time on Long Island.

2. Not all hockey players are created equal. Tavares discusses his youthful playing days, which differed a little from when Bossy was growing up.

3. Impossibly, Tavares' already magnificent game continues to evolve and he talks about his drive to add new tools every season.

4. Tavares has no time for superstitions or witchcraft. But he does have a quirky tick he does before each game.

5. Tavares talks about the evolution of the "Yes, Yes, Yes!" chant that's taken over the Coliseum and he compliments Bossy on his interviewing skills.

Somehow, the subject of Tavares' pre-game bowing to Bossy's plaque near the locker room never came up. Maybe they're saving it for Bossy/Tavares II.