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Video: Bonding over grief, Hamonic, McGuigan family featured on CBC's The National

Pain and loss brings an Islanders fan's family together with a special player that knows what they're going through.

This has been an emotional season for Islanders fans. But for the McGuigan family of Prince Edward Island, this season has meant more than any of us could imagine.

Brendon McGuigan and his father Brent were the victims of a double homicide last summer, leaving Brendon's wife Kim and their four children - Abby, Kayden, Mataya and baby Kenzie, born in December - without their Islanders-loving patriarch. The University of Prince Edward Island's hockey team raised enough money to send the team to Uniondale to see the Islanders play the Bruins and honor Brendon in the way he would have liked best.

Travis Hamonic's own tragic story was featured on ESPN's E:60 show this season. The death of his father Gerald weighs heavily on the Islanders defenseman, who pays tribute to him before every game and meets kids who have lost parents to offer his support and sympathy.

On the night of the Bruins game, Hamonic spent some time with the McGuigans, showing them around the Islanders locker room, taking pictures and sharing his heart and experience with them. The meeting was filmed for CBC's The National news program, and is embedded above with a story here. Thanks to reporter Nick Purdon for reaching out to us with the story.

It's never easy. But Hamonic and the McGuigans were able to bond over grief, hockey, loss and finding ways to move beyond the hurt.