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Islanders News: People passin' by stare in wild wonder

It's Monday. Do you know where your rivals are?

Stretch run.
Stretch run.
Adam Hunger/Getty Images

The SoCal teams are passing through the region this week. Anaheim didn't do so hot last night. Los Angeles -- desperate for wins -- plays the first of a back-to-back in New Jersey tonight, with the Smurfs to follow tomorrow, ahead of a visit to the Coliseum later this week.

Islanders Reads
  • The Sound Tigers finally ended their franchise-record home losing streak in a big way. Kael Mouillierat got them started with a big highlight. [LHH | Soundin' Off post-gameCT Post] His lacrosse goal was reportedly on Sportscenter's "Top 10" (Disclosure: I haven't actually watched Sportscenter since Y2K was feared to destroy the universe.)
  • Jaroslav Halak discussed the desperation and luck needed down the stretch against mixed opponents. [Newsday]
  • Another post-game discussion point: the feeling that games are defensively tighter as the season winds down (Anaheim's performance yesterday notwithstanding). [IPB]
  • Some of those desperate opponents aren't trending in the direction of the playoffs. [LHH Fanpost]
  • Jack Capuano's lineup decisions remain topic du jour. [Islanders Insight]
  • The week in the Metro. [ILWT]
  • Brother Of Strome won the OHL scoring title. [NHL]

Beyond the Island and the Sound
  • The Kings are fighting for their playoff lives, and Jarret Stoll is injured. Mike Richards is recalled (with some "fitness" tests) to save the day. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Rangers trounced the Ducks yesterday. So that might be a thing you have to deal with at work or school or whatever. [NHL]
  • Brad Marchand did more Brad Marchand things yesterday, so Steve Stamkos decided to play Fight The Weasel. [CBS]
  • Nashville's Craig Smith was fined $5,000 for that high stick that stole teeth from that Sabres tanker. [On the Forecheck]
  • The NCAA brackets are set. The hockey ones, that is. [College Hockey News]
  • Justin Abdelkader scored the OT winner against the Blues with a broken stick. Which is maybe controversial. [Puck Daddy]
  • Rochester's Ryan Grimshaw is quitting hockey. Tough decision, and a neat farewell to a sport he's known since forever. [Dear Hockey, Goodbye]