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Zeitgeist: Senators name Ronald McDonald as Andrew Hammond's personal goaltending coach

Fast food spokesman is ready to put a smile on goalie's season.

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The Ottawa Senators are on the NHL's playoff bubble thanks to a remarkable run by rookie goaltender Andrew Hammond. Nicknamed "The Hamburglar," Hammond's remarkable story has taken the hockey world by storm and has inspired McDonald's-based costumes and promotions, as well as fans throwing hamburgers on the ice after victories.

With only a few games remaining in the season, the Senators are taking an extra step in the hopes of keeping the winning streak alive and have named fast food icon Ronald McDonald as Hammond's personal goaltending coach.

"I'm really looking forward to helping the Senators reach the playoffs," McDonald said at his introductory press conference at the McDonald's Play Place on Bank Street in Ottawa. "This time of the season is so exciting. I'm lovin' it."

"We told (goalie coach Rick Wamsley), 'You deserve a break today.' Right now for (Hammond), It's a good time for the great taste of McDonald."- Senators coach Dave Cameron on new goalie coach Ronald McDonald

The Senators will keep incumbent goaltending coach Rick Wamsley on staff to work with the team's other goalies, Craig Anderson and the injured Robin Lehner. McDonald will work specifically with Hammond to keep him focused as the team pushes towards the post season.

"We told Wammer (Wamsley), 'You deserve a break today,'" Ottawa head coach Dave Cameron said of the hire. "Right now for Hammy (Hammond), it's a good time for the great taste of McDonald."

McDonald says the team reached out to him about the position and he jumped at the chance to coach an NHL team in hockey-mad Canada. He said he feels comfortable already.

"Like I always tell the kids: what you want is what you get," McDonald, 52, said. "So far, working for the Senators has been all about food, folks and fun."

Hammond, who will receive free McDonald's food for life for his 13-0-1 record over the last few weeks, thanked Wamsley for his guidance and said he was looking forward to the chance to get even better under McDonald's unique tutelage.

"There's something for everyone to love at McDonald's practices," Hammond said. "So I'm ready for Mac tonight and hopefully we can keep the hot side hot."

McDonald will stay on the bench during games, an unusual position for a goalie coach, and will be charged with making sure Hammond has all the instruction, confidence, hot apple pies and McFlurries he needs to be at his best when the Senators need him.

When asked if having a 6-foot tall clown in a yellow jumpsuit, bright red wig and giant shoes standing behind the bench would be a distraction, Cameron said the rest of the team was used to seeing Senators owner Eugene Melnyk around the rink so often that they probably wouldn't even notice McDonald.


This is fake. The Senators have not hired Ronald McDonald. He charges to much for kids parties.