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Islanders Gameday News: Back in action, at last

Look, don't ever leave us alone for that long again, okay?

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"Johnny, don't look now but there's a llama behind you."
"Johnny, don't look now but there's a llama behind you."
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

At long last, the New York Islanders are back in action tonight. They'll face yet another team whose goalie has been stealing games.

If you're interested in the LHH pre-game gathering and/or meetup at the game, final details are here. Leave your First Islanders Goal picks for tonight here. Don't choose...well, scratches are to be determined.

Islanders/Opponent Reads
  • Kyle Okposo is back, but knows he needs to be better to be "back." For now, that means sliding him back down to Frans Nielsen's shelter while Anders Lee rejoins the top line. [Newsday]
  • The Isles' annual Casino Night raised money for charity and produced some awesome pictures. Hipsterbuck, Serious Grabs, plus you can tell which players' wives/girlfriends do the North American "sorority pose" crouch (as if Western viewfinders are space-limited) and which ones stand up straight and unmoved like Europeans so just take the picture already. [Isles story | Gallery | Newsday]
  • This is not a drill! This is not a drill: The Sound Tigers won last night. [CT Post] Now they'll try to do it again. [Preview]
  • Does 3-on-3 OT sound great? Colin McDonald has experience with it in the AHL this year and says sometimes yes, sometimes no. There is a soccer comparison, however that affects you. [Post | LHH thread]
  • "Don't become a prisoner of the moment." The percentages, lulls and movements behind a losing streak. [CBS]
  • The Devils are not a good team, but Cory Schneider makes them dangerous. [ILWT]
  • Last night there was no worry of danger, as Keith Kinkaid backstopped a win over the Sabre-tanks. [ILWT]
  • The Devils owner went along for the trip to Buffalo to watch tanking from a master. []
  • More touching tributes to the late CapGeek founder Matthew Wuest. [Globe and Mail | Mirtle blog]
  • Women's Frozen Four preview. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • A feature on that damned Red Wings European scout Hakan Andersson who keeps doing his job so well. [SI]
  • That Carey Price selfie fan sent a proper thank-you. [Puck Daddy]
  • I kind of wish I were so rich I could be all, "Not only can I buy an expansion team, I'm also so confident I'll get one that I'm going to buy a house and lease office space in Vegas to show I think it will happen." [Vegas Review Journal]
  • When your mouthguard hits the ice, you brush it off and stick it back in. Ew. [SB Nation]
  • Mario Tremblay, among the most unpopular coaches in Habs history, insulted the cop and P.K. Subban during his drunk driving arrest. Evidently "I'm Mario Tremblay" does not carry you far in the eyes of provincial law. [SB Nation | Eyes on the Prize]
  • The Ducks will choose a playoff goalie...right? [Puck Daddy]