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Islanders News: Nick Leddy, baby

Well, it's sure nice to see you back. You won't believe what we've been through.

Jumping the hurdle.
Jumping the hurdle.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Islanders didn't play last night, they don't play today, and they won't play tomorrow. We're gonna get through this though.

Health updates: Nick Leddy took part in full practice yesterday, and Jaroslav Halak is back on the ice today.

Islanders Reads
  • The Isles had a "tough" practice yesterday, but the beautiful sight for sore eyes was Nick Leddy. [Isles | IPB]
  • Jack Capuano is calmer than you are, Dude. [Newsday]
  • Cool audio feature on Section 329 and the Yes! Yes! Yes! [Isles mp3]
  • After last week's losses, the power rankings frown upon them. [LHH]
  • Andrew Shaw receives no further discipline for his headbutt on Brock Nelson. [LHH] Nazem Kadri receives four games. [PPP]
  • Stan Fischler talks Nassau Coliseum. [New$12 LI]
  • Michael Grabner and Calvin de Haan are the Islanders entries on Rob Vollman's annual list of players who should be used more. [E$PN In$ider]
  • Brief Bridgeport notes, and condolences to Griffin Reinhart. [Soundin' Off]
  • The awesome story of the creation of NHLPA '93 and the video game series that followed began with players focused on their ratings, not the actual licensing opportunities. Ken Baumgartner (then a Leaf) was really ticked about his 0 rating for "intelligence." [Read Only Memory]
  • Fancy a pub meetup and train to the game Saturday? [LHH Fanpost]
Beyond Practicedome
  • Justin Faulk is quietly looking outstanding. [SB Nation]
  • Mike Milbury, the greatest GM in the history of ever, said the Sharks should send Joe Thornton to the AHL. Television! [Fear the Fin]
  • The history of March slumps and not making the Cup final is remarkably similar to the history of most teams overall. You know, 'cause most teams don't make the Cup final. [SI]
  • Scott Darling did God's work and shut out the Rangers. He and Antti Raanta make multiple Hawks rookie goalies with shutouts in the same season for just the third time in franchise history. The teams split their season with a pair of offsetting 1-0 games.
  • With the Rangers refusing to give up goals lately, they'll let Henrik Lundqvist return to action "when the time is right." [NHL]
  • The latest rule change proposal: Make the defensive center (rather than the road team center) put his stick down first. [NHL]
  • In last night's banner rivalry game, the Kings gained a point but lost in OT to the Ducks. Two dirty guys collide.
  • Which teams would be best in 3-on-3 OT? [THN]
  • Oh, you want to reduce shotouts, you say? Once again change the points system, not the OT. [Copper & Blue]
  • The Panthers have their practice goalie tryouts. [SI]