LHH Meetup Details: Tir Na Nog Pub @4pm-5:30 | 5:53 Train to NJ Saturday vs. Devils

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The official plan for Saturday, March 21, is now set! Here is what you need to do to take part in this Lighthouse Hockey meetup, which entails pregame beverages followed by a train to see the Isles in New Jersey:

Meeting and drinking at Tir Na Nog Pub starting at 4 p.m. The address is Tir Na Nog, 5 Penn Plz, New York, NY 10001

We will leave the pub around 5:30 and take the 5:53 train from NYC Penn Station.

As of now it looks like we will have about 10-15 people at the pub and some other peeps meeting up after to sit in either section 1 or section 210 for the game.

Those that won't be taking the train with us but want to meet up: let's be at the will call area by 6:30.

If people want my phone number, email me j at and I will make sure to email you my cell.


Original Notice that got this ball rolling:

Us fans have been a disappointment (not necessarily us, but Isles fans in general) at the past few home games: The Smurfs and Habs orphans were louder and at points took away home ice advantage. Now it's our turn to rally behind our team in an away game.

Tomisles and I (jbotte) want to organize a Lighthouse Hockey meetup to rally the troops at a pub near Penn, have some food drinks and overload a train with crazed Isles fans headed to NJ before showing our support for our team.

Based on interest Tomisles says he knows a few pubs within walking distance to Penn (specials may be possible) and will help figure out train times, which we can post here with updates.

We left a message with Prudential about possibility of group tickets, but based on Stubhub availability that may be a bit more difficult. So as of now assume finding a ticket on your own makes the most sense. If we hear back quickly and there is the ability for group tickets, we will let everyone know.

Regardless, this is a chance to get together, have some beverages, take in some hockey, and make a proper Saturday of it. You know you want to. What do you say?

SEATS Available for Grouping we will provide rep contact info and what to say once there is commitment.

Section Row Price Total Seats Avail # Taken # Remaining
21 13 $102.96 5 0 5
1 23 $59.61 5 4 1
$33 18 4 14



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