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Zeitgeist Guest Blog: Joe Thornton of Bravo's 'The Real Hockey Players of San Jose' dishes dirt on GM Doug Wilson

Watch What Happens (when Sharks fight)

[The following was posted at this morning and is being re-posted here with permission]

Sharks center Joe Thornton spills the beans on his feud with San Jose general manager Doug Wilson

Hey, guys! It's me, Thornts! I want to set the record straight with what happened between me and Doug.

I don't know what Doug's problem is, but he needs to get a grip! He acts like I've been all up in his business but he's the one who won't leave ME alone! I'm here to play hockey for the Sharks and that's what I've been doing for years. He's the one who's getting in my way and bringing all the drama!

I'm not here to make friends with my general manager! 

Doug has always been a liar as long as I've known him! I know that sounds harsh but I need to tell it like is. I'm not here to make friends with my general manager! Why is he always trying to come between me and my friends?

Doug says they took the "C" off my jersey because I care too much. That's BS! Tell the truth Doug and stop backstabbing me and being fake.

One of my favorite foods is Mexican! And San Jose has a great Mexican bakery called Vaya Con Donuts. One day during training camp, Doug asks to meet me there. I said OK. I am in there getting my usual Boston Crema donut and Doug walks in like he owns the place. He starts putting his finger in my face and screaming like a nut saying, "I got a problem with you! You're the captain, you got to be in the gym pumping weight and not eating donuts like some twenty grand a year programmer from Oakland!" He asked ME there!

So he's yelling and I'm finishing my donut like he's not there. And he goes on and on "blah, blah, blah, you got to play better Joe you're killing us out there! The Kings made us look like a bunch of punks!"

So I threw my chocolate milk in his face and walked out. The next day, he tells me they're taking the "C" away. Now he's telling fans it's because I care too much. And getting me in trouble with the owners! Dragging my reputation through the mud!

So I threw my chocolate milk in his face and walked out.

He's crazy! Whatever. I don't need him any more. I'm done with him! He can give that "C" to whoever he wants because I am moving on with my life. I only want positivity and people that really care about me in my life. I know who my REAL friends are!

Next up is Burnsie's charity fashion show. I know Doug is invited, too. I promised myself to just stay away from him and I hope he does the same. We shall see what happens!

Peace out and go Sharks!



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This is not real. Joe Thornton didn't write this. If you've never had the pleasure of watching any of Bravo's Real Housewives shows, consider yourself lucky.