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Ed Mangano thinks a new practice facility and offices could lure the Islanders back to Nassau County


Meanwhile, on Bizarro World, Nassau County is competent.
Meanwhile, on Bizarro World, Nassau County is competent.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

At his State of the County address, executive Ed Mangano, a.k.a. the man under whose watch the Islanders announced their move to Brooklyn, disclosed plans for the team to build a new practice facility and corporate offices in Nassau near Cantiague Park.

Mangano may or may not have been under alien mind control when he said the new buildings could spur the team to return to Nassau County in the near future, as laid out in a report by Newsday's Robert Brodsky.

Mangano says the privately funded project will "cement the Islanders in Nassau and provide hope that we will witness their full-time return" after the Nassau Coliseum undergoes a privately funded renovation beginning this summer, according to a copy of the speech provided to Newsday.

Mangano's speech highlighted the county's big plans to attract a real, live National Hockey League franchise, just like the one it let walk away for nothing because no two people could come to a single agreement over the course of 20 or 25 short years on what to do about the aging Coliseum.

(via News12 Long Island reporter/anchor Rich Barrabi)

The transformed Coliseum is only the beginning! After completion, Plaza Development will take place to construct a performing arts theater, movie theater, bowling alley and theme restaurants. I am certain this world class destination will get the attention of the NHL.

This is just more of the same hot air and empty promises from the "Nassaur Exec-yative" about "de areener." We've been over this again and again and again every which way for years. Some have followed the saga of the county, the Islanders, the Coliseum and Charles Wang's expansive but ultimately rejected Lighthouse Project every single excruciating step of the way.

It all leads to the same conclusion: Mangano can say what he wants, but until someone in Nassau's leadership is willing to actually step up to the plate and take a swing, nothing will ever change on Hempstead Turnpike. Even when a $4 billion solution was presented to them, the county's response was to do nothing. Like always.

Even if Mangano and Town of Hempstead supervisor Kate Murray somehow miraculously came together to make a unified decision to build anything, they would need the the approval of NIFA, the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority, which monitors every dime the County spends, much the same way the county has been doing to the Islanders for 43 years.

The Islanders, currently in a battle for first place in the Metropolitan Division, begin play in Brooklyn's Barclays Center next October. Don't expect Mangano or Murray to be in attendance.