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Islanders Gameday News: Back-to-Back Natural Hazards; Timonen traded; Dupuis health scare

Flames doused, Hurricane winds incoming.

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Are we boring you, pal?
Are we boring you, pal?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Islanders took down the Flames last night and go right back to work today. Athletes: they're just like us! The game against the Hurricanes is a weird 5 pm start so get your FIG picks in early.

Eric Hornick explains the wacky start time.

Islanders news:

Other news

  • The trades continue as the Flyers sent Klassy Kimmo Timonen to Chicago for a couple of picks, possibly high ones based on the conditions. [Broad Street Hockey says goodbye]
  • And the Blackhawks might not be done, with rumors swirling around Patrick Sharp and the Capitals. [SB Nation]
  • Fun stories of draft picks moved at the deadline that turned into stars. [CBS Sports]
  • Stay on top of all of the latest trade rumors right here at the SBN mothership.
  • Much-traveled Mike Sillinger talks about the toll it takes on a player's family. [Bleacher Report]
  • What exactly happens when a player gets traded, anyway? Does his whole family live in a hotel with him? [PuckDocuments]
  • Pascal Dupuis talks about the blood clots that are keeping him from playing. Harrowing stuff to say the least. [The Players TribunePensburgh discusses]
  • The Maple Leafs made the David Clarkson-Nathan Horton trade because they could and the Blue Jackets needed them. [Globe n' Mail]
  • SI asks scoutswho the best young defensemen in the league are. We should be talking more about No. 1.