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Islanders vs. Predators [Game #59 Thread]

Now on monosodium glutamate instead of monosodium glutamate plus.

Nelson, McDonald and Nielsen?  Cappy, you mad genius you.
Nelson, McDonald and Nielsen? Cappy, you mad genius you.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Islanders are taking on the first place Predators in a game that's so insignificant that M.S.G. felt the need to bump the Islanders off of their flagship station M.S.G.+ and onto the wildly inferior M.S.G. This is obviously complete rubbish and cannot stand. Everybody should write their local congressman and demand that M.S.G. give the Islanders the respect that they deserve and put them back on the station with more pluses. Pluses are good as indicated by plus minus.

Do you know who has a good plus minus? Brian Strait. Brian Strait will be playing tonight in place of Calvin de Haan who is out with a case of the bad plus minus. There's no word yet as to whether or not the team will place him on the I.R. with a boo-boo on his noseykins. It shouldn't particularly matter since he's obviously inferior to Strait because stuff.

The sites did some statistical maintenance and now the tables need some work so they might be a wee bit delayed. Mia culpa for those that enjoy those types of things.