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Slideshow: Ranking the best 15 NHL arenas for child conception

A very important guide to life on Earth.

Kids are great. Hockey is great. Conceiving kids outside a hockey arena is a great idea.

Just ask Islanders fan Joy Rosen, who shared with the world last night during an Islanders-Rangers broadcast one of the great moments of her life: the conception of her son in the Nassau Coliseum parking lot during an Islanders game in 1982.

(Vine via Lighthouse Hockey's own Keith Quinn)

Fortunately for hockey fans, Uniondale isn't the only NHL location where a couple can conceive a child. There are many arenas across the league in which the miracle of life can take place.

But some parking lots are better than others and can offer certain perks, while some might just have an effect on the child's life, either positively or negatively. Here's a breakdown of the 15 best NHL arenas to get pregnant at and what it might mean for your baby. {Click through the images above.}