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Islanders Gameday News: McDonald revival, Tavares interviews

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I believe!
I believe!
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the New York Islanders host the Toronto Maple Leafs, who recently beat the Oilers badly, and had the gall to lose to the Rangers late in regulation.

Islanders Reads
  • His name is Colin McDonald, rush chairman, and he's damned glad to be here. [Isles | Newsday]
  • Our latest power ranking and media pundit roundup. [LHH]
  • In contrast to the big club, the Sound Tigers penalty kill is on a roll. [CT Post]
  • Jaroslav Halak discusses how history has shown there are no rollover opponents. [Isles]
  • Matt Martin, John Tavares, Butch Goring and more on how awesome the Coliseum is. [LI Herald]
  • Tavares on the Coliseum. [Star]
  • Rick DiPietro discusses this year's Islanders squad. [IPB]
  • Scott Cullen on how the Isles' possession stats have been, well, awesome. [TSN]
  • On brotherly Isles-Smurfs rivalry, and not being "that guy" now that the Islanders are good. [Altar of Bossy]
  • Jesse Graham looked uncomfortable in emergency forward duty, so Kevin Czuczman took on the role. [CT Post]
  • Kerry Fraser says that Bailey-Hendricks exchanged was called correctly. [TSN]
  • On Hofstra student and Isles radio commentator Dan Savarino. [LI Herald]
  • A very special episode of Hashtag Isles has Matt Martin doing a selfie with an unknowing fan. [LHH]
  • FIG Picks: Register your First Islanders Goal picks here. Don't choose Kane.
The Rest of This League
  • Evander Kane, you might've heard, was part of a big trade yesterday. [LHH] He likes that wanted feeling. [ESPN]
  • Amusingly, that trade was Kevin Cheveldayoff's first major trade of any kind with the Jets. [Globe and Mail]
  • Brent Burns scored twice in 20 seconds. [SB Nation]
  • LA TV struggles with that whole "Columbus" thing. Maybe it's like "Columbia" and "Colombia." [SB Nation]