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Your Islanders Holiday Wishes, 1-Line Advice for Capuano

It's an interactive bits off day!

If wishes were fishes then this guy would be a sturgeon. Wait...
If wishes were fishes then this guy would be a sturgeon. Wait...
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Christmas is done, Hanukkah is past, most of the December holidays and "season's greetings" are in the books for 2015, and it's time for the Islanders to turn off the Christmas album and get back to work before Sunday night's home game, the first of a home-and-home with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Not much news over the break since the Christmas Even bits -- though here is a nice introspective read comparing the Islanders' NHL rebuild peers -- but here's a fresh thread for any news that comes out today and from practice. {Knocks on wood that we receive no "Kyle Okposo slipped on a overturned bowl of stuffing" nor "Nick Leddy cut himself on a new beard trimmer, out 3-5 weeks" updates.)

A few reads from the opposition:

  • Ooh, totally original impressions of Brooklyn (two out of three accurate facts isn't totally bad!): "An off-kilter clock hanging over the blue line, rinkside seats three feet higher than ice level and playing in the shadow of the skyscrapers marking Rangers territory." [Sun]
  • More on everyone's first visit to Brooklyn, this time from the L.A. Times.
  • See, it was totally Bozak and not Kessel all along! [more Sun...sorry]
  • Counterpoint: Bozak is mostly the same guy, if a bit improved and deployed more wisely. [PPP]

And to keep us warm, and by request of IslesFan4Life, here's a writing prompt for your Saturday return-that-ugly-sweater day.

It's very simple, and open-ended:

1. What is your best wish for the Islanders in 2016?

This can be obvious ("Stanley Cup!"), particular ("Frans Nielsen re-signs for three years"), vague ("I just want better things") hopelessly nostalgic ("I want the Barclays contract torn up and a new Coliseum built with the speed of the Death Star and the acoustics of the old place but the amenities of a real areener") or, if you have no respect for the spirit of the season, exceedingly bitter ("fire ___ into the Sun").

2. What one sentence of advice do you have for Jack Capuano?

This is as it says: One sentence. Of advice. For the Islanders coach.

Enjoy. Game time tomorrow is 6 p.m. Then we've got three games in the run-up to New Year's, followed by a Jan. 2 game in Pittsburgh.

Bonus: Officially Licensed Quality

Remember, don't buy knock-offs from Asia because you'll miss out on the fine, fine quality of the real thing:

Here's where i note the iron-on (not-stitched) quality there, and how the lone purchase I've made through had a nampelate that started peeling off by the fourth wear. Your mileage (and satisfaction) may vary.