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Islanders News: Ghosts of Christmas past; Kids' table; Vanek's betting slips

Hey! No peeking between the wrapping paper.

"Good advice." - Christmas lover and NYC cop John McLane
"Good advice." - Christmas lover and NYC cop John McLane
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Merry Christmas to everyone and to those, like me, stuck for a while at work today, may Santa leave some vacation time under the tree for you.

Islanders readings

  • Driving somewhere this Christmas? Let Mike and I accompany you and make you worry about Barclays Center and the scary Toronto media. [Islanders Anxiety]
  • Man, you lose three games to mediocre teams and suddenly your power level drops like Enron stock. [LHH]
  • The three area teams are all looking at big things in 2016. [WSJ]
  • Introspective Altar of Bossy on believing in the Islanders this season.


  • The World Junior Championship is almost upon us. Get ready for Saturday's opener by reading everything you need to know about Team USA at Stanley Cup of Chowder. | Anthony Beauvillier is a player to watch for Team Canada. [Nat. Post] | And, as always, Eyes on the Prize is THE place to go for all the news from the tournament.
  • Also nearing is the international Spengler Cup tournament, which I always have to remind myself has nothing to do with Ghostbusters. Former Islanders Cory Conacher and Marc-Andre Bergeron are among those representing Canada. [Sportsnet]
  • The Sabres have improved but their attendance is in the tank. One intrepid reporter asks the fans why they're staying away. [Buffalo News]
  • New documents detail Thomas Vanek's betting practices and some of the scary consequences. [Democrat & Chronicle]
  • The SBN Blog Council tackles Wayne Gretzky's records and birds as Christmas presents.
  • The 15 most fascinating NHL folks of 2015, according to Don't look for any Islanders.
  • Brett Cyrgalis writes a take so hot that Sidney Crosby and Mike Sullivan's faces just melted off, Raiders of the Lost Ark-style.
  • Fans pelted this Swiss team's bus with rocks, and not to make it look mean. [CBS Sports]
  • It should come as no surprise that Jack Edwards is a man who loves his traditional Christmas carols, even during on-ice skirmishes. [SCOC]

P.K. Subban holiday specials are becoming something of a tradition. I hope they continue forever. The man is a treasure.