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Islanders beat Blue Jackets on Kyle Okposo's hilariously bizarre OT winner


I'll just put this down here. I don't need it anymore.
I'll just put this down here. I don't need it anymore.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

None of this makes any sense. With a 2-on-0 in overtime, the Islanders seemed to have the Blue Jackets beat. Then they didn't. Then they did.

The below gif doesn't do any justice to what actually transpired between Josh Bailey, Kyle Okposo and goalie Curtis McElhinney in Columbus, but no replay probably would. After poking the puck away from a defenseman, Bailey and Okposo skate in by themselves. At the last moment, Bailey drop passes to Okposo, who slides the puck underneath McElhinney's arm and in while the stick gets knocked out of his hand what the hell am I even talking about?

Okposo OT WTF

If you prefer to watch the full video of it, I recommend the one with the Blue Jackets feed, in which play-by-play man Jeff Rimer believes McElhinney made the save, only to realize the cold, hard, stupid truth a moment later.

The game was the fifth straight time the Islanders required more than 60 minutes. Okposo's goal was only the team's second 3-on-3 overtime goal since Mikhail Grabovski scored against the Blues back on October 24th.

The Islanders are on a nine game point streak, so they must be doing something right. But after this goal, I can't even pretend to understand them.

Staple must have forgotten about this, the actual worst 2-on-0 ever.

The Islanders' next game is tomorrow afternoon at home against New Jersey. The game will probably go to overtime.