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Islanders News: Captain Funk; Metro-politicians; Bobrovsky off the case

Hello, down there!

New threads, hm?
New threads, hm?
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Islanders links

  • John Tavares is in a funk and Jack Capuano quotes one of today's great philosophers, Aaron Rodgers. [Newsday]
  • The Islanders have had success against the Metro lately. Some players remember when that wasn't the case. [Islanders]
  • Can Jaroslav Halak make it back to the All Star game? [Trentonian]
  • Casino Night is coming. Save your nickles. [Islanders]
  • Matt Martin is collecting for Cystic Fibrosis by doing what he does best. [Islanders]
  • Sebastian Collberg (injured) and Kirill Petrov (back from injury) are travelling with the Sound Tigers. [Soundin' Off]
  • It's not often that you call up a player from a lower league because of his success on a winning club. But Jesse Root is in Bridgeport and talking about his time on the incredible 19-2-0-1 Missouri Mavericks. [CT Post]

Other stuff

  • Relevant to the Islanders' next game: Columbus' All World goalie Sergei Bobrovsky will miss three weeks with an injury. [Jackets Xtra]
  • The Panthers are getting $82 million in tourist taxes from Broward County [LBC] and will celebrate with some new uniforms next season. [Herald]
  • 30 Thoughts on expansion horror tales and Ottawa's Mike Hoffman.
  • Steven Stamkos and his contract are playing two fanbases like marionettes. [PPP]
  • The Hurricanes and Eric Staal are probably going down to the wire. []
  • But the team isn't moving anywhere, according to a guy who's sang that song before. []
  • Keith Ballard, last seen getting hurt in a collision with the boards in a game against the Islanders, has retired. [Star Trib]
  • Alex Semin is off to the KHL [Eronko] and that's probably for the best. [SBN]
  • The NWHL and Dunkin' Donuts partnership is an important one. [SCOC]
  • The era of self-aware NHL twitter accounts continues. [SBN]
  • If you haven't read the personal tale of former NHLer Patrick O'Sullivan, do so today. Exhibit 1,000,001 that players are humans dealing with human issues beyond the game. [TPT]

"The Pride of Warroad, Minnesota" Brock Nelson talks with NHL Tonight after the Islanders' win in Philly.