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Arthur Staple Twitter Q&A: Taking the team's temperature at 30,000 feet

Now, what's on your mind?

Chin up, bro.
Chin up, bro.
Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Rather than waste his flight watching the latest feeble Fantastic Four movie or reading a six month old copy of SkyMall, Newsday's Islanders beatwriter Arthur Staple took the time this morning to answer some questions from fans via Twitter.

The result was mostly philosophical about the team's current slide and how the players are handling it. Other topics included the call-up of Adam Pelech, the slumping offense, the status of Ryan Strome and the longterm job stability of Jack Capuano. You can read the entire thread here, but here are a few select questions and answers.


As always we thank Arthur for his time. And as he lands in California, I'd like to take this opportunity to offer a selection for his #IslesRoadTripMix playlist, pushing the finest musician the Golden State ever produced: