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Thomas Greiss scores incredible stick knob goal on himself

Right (or wrong) on the button.

I got a hunch, fat man, that I can't miss.
I got a hunch, fat man, that I can't miss.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Thomas Greiss has been excellent for the Islanders this season, flat out stealing at least a couple of games. On Monday against the Avalanche, Greiss went a step further by scoring a highlight reel goal, unfortunately on himself.

The official scorer, according to the gamesheet, was Blake Comeau, who spent 72 years in the Islanders system before being placed on waivers a couple of seasons ago. He hasn't hit the 24-goal high he hit as an Islander, but he's bounced around the league as an effective bottom sixer, much to the delight of our own Chris McNally, the president of the Blake Comeau Fan Club and Preservation Society.

Tonight for Colorado, Comeau swung around the back of the net to attempt a backhand wraparound, which Greiss got a piece of. But the puck bounced up and over the splitting goalie, and as he turned to snag it (or maybe just find it), Greiss ended up poking the puck into the net behind him like Fast Eddie Felson hitting the 8-ball into the corner pocket.

The Islanders came back to tie the game at the end of the first on a last second goal by Kyle Okposo. Win or lose, Comeau probably will email a gif of this goal to Garth Snow.