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Islanders News: Getting late early out there; Take the Professor in back and plug him into the hyperdrive

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Never tell me the odds.
Never tell me the odds.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A new episode of Islanders Anxiety is incoming. Prepare your ear holes for super-sized holiday hockey worry.

Until then...

Islanders links

  • Those same players, who have benefited from an extremely player-friendly coach in Capuano, can't abuse that situation by not being tough on one another after games such as Sunday's 4-2 loss in Montreal, when the players were more upset about borderline penalty calls than their 0-for-5 night on the power play and 2-for-5 night on the penalty kill. [Staple]
  • I'm not sure how you pronounce it, but I believe it's menage a' trade? [LHH]
  • Bryan Trottier's letter to his younger self is already a classic of Islanders literature. [LHH]
  • John Tavares and P.K. Subban and BFFs. And P.K.'s parents are cool as hell. [LHH video]
  • Maybe the core needs to be shaken up. [Isles Nation]
  • Islanders winning at box office according to 3PO-series human-corporation protocol droid. [Twitter]
  • Win and the people will come. [Elite Sports NY]
  • The official site checks in with the prospects, where Barzal and Ho-Sang are lighting things up.
  • Kyle Okposo chills with the kids. [Newsday]
  • The Islanders are among the NHL's elite - in Golf Digest's ranking of The Top 100 pro-athlete golfers. The jokes write themselves sometimes.
  • Soundin' Off updates on former Islanders property Andrey Pedan and Louis Leblanc.
  • The Sound Tigers recap their week.

Other stuff

  • Busy week for Landon Ferraro: waived, moved, scores, interviewed by his dad, Ray. [SCOC]
  • The great Hockey PDOCast talks Devils, Rangers and Hamonic (but not really Islanders).
  • The dilemma of young players chained to press boxes across the league. [Globe n' Mail]
  • "Heckua job, Tortsie." might be the new "Heckuva job, Brownie." [ESPN]
  • Before hosting the Olympics, China is getting advice from the Czech Republic on this whole hockey thing. [SBN]
  • Cocaine is still a helluva drug, and the league is going to start testing for it more often. [NBC Sports]
  • Ideas to increase NHL scoring that are way too much fun to actually happen. [SBN]
  • Remember former NHL defenseman Ian White? Well, he likes guns. Maybe a little too much. He's in trouble now. [SBN | TSN]

In honor of the sentiment of Arthur Staple's article (and on the anniversary of Freddie Mercury's passing):