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Video: Tavares, Subban discuss lifelong 'Hometown' friendship

Say "Hi" to your dad for me.

Please excuse the callous interruption of today's "Fire Everyone-This Team is Garbage-Life is Meaningless" Day celebration. But I have a good reason, I promise.

Please take three minutes out of your day to set aside the rage and watch this video from last night's Rogers Hometown Hockey segment during the Canadiens-Islanders game. In it, NHL stars John Tavares and P.K. Subban talk about the friendship and playful rivalry they've maintained throughout their lives and hockey careers.

The story starts with their parents, who were friends before the boys were even born. P.K.'s father Karl and mom Maria tell some fun stories about the guys (and can more than give Mr. and Mrs. Boychuk a run for their money in the race for hockey parents most in need of their own TV shows), and how their divergent personalities have created a unique relationship that extends to this day.

Yes, Subban and the Canadiens have been getting the better of the Islanders for the last, oh, 19 seasons or so. But these two have a special game-within-the-game that's also fun to watch.

Bonus Throwback Video:

They grow up so fast these days. *whimper*