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Video: Bash Brothers school Lee and hobbled Hickey in EA Sports' NHL 16

I think my controller is messed up, dude.

'What's pass again?"
'What's pass again?"

While fans and media continue to harp on Barclays Center's various "quirks," the new building gives the Islanders' players ample space to chill out and relax that Nassau Coliseum didn't offer them in previous years (unless their idea of "chilling out" meant loitering near the Zamboni entrance).

In a video posted today by the team via Twitter, four Islanders - Anders Lee, then-and-now-injured defenseman Thomas Hickey and fourth line bros Cal Clutterbuck and Matt Martin - crash in the Barclays players lounge for a little NHL 16 on the Xbox One.

Although not quite as funny as the previous entry into today's unexpected Cal Clutterbuck Film Festival, it definitely has more than a few laughs, like Clutterbuck saying his rating in the game is too high, Hickey playing with his thumb in a cast and Lee having trouble mastering advanced game features such as "passing" and "skating."

Don't give Lee too much of a hard time, though. He said during the Summer that he wasn't much of a gamer, and man, he wasn't kidding. It probably wasn't fair putting the n00b and the guy with the busted thumb (Hickey missed the first few weeks of the season) on the same team. But as those of us who spent a lot of time in arcades know, video games ain't about fair.

After logging a ton of hard time on the ice over their careers, Martin and Clutterbuck looked like they enjoyed getting chances to put the puck in the back of the net over and over and over again for once. Even if it was a virtual net.