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Travis Hamonic Speaks about Trade Request, Ready to Remain Islander until...

The defenseman keeps his reasons private, cites personal reasons, says he's still ready to give his all for the NYI.

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After news broke Wednesday night of Travis Hamonic's preseason request for the New York Islanders to find a trade with a team in or near Western Canada, the defenseman let it be known he would speak to media after addressing his teammates at Thursday morning's practice.

What follows are select quotes from that coverage, with links to additional coverage at the end as it becomes available.

Hamonic: I Love It Here, and It's Not You, It's Me

(Arthur Staple is the Islanders beatwriter for Newsday. Brett Cyrgalis is a New York hockey beatwriter for the Post):

Knows He May Be Here All Season

The Islanders have clearly shopped for trades to meet Hamonic's request -- quietly, until now -- but it will be a challenge. Sounds like Hamonic recognizes that and he's prepared to be an Islander all season.

Summer trades tend to be more workable anyway.

Jack Capuano: Life > Hockey

The Isles coach on the issue:

John Tavares: Not Worried about Hammer Giving His all for NYI

Tavares delivered the equivalent of his draft day wink: I got this.

And from Hamonic himself (New York-based Brian Compton is deputy managing editor at

Update: Beyond 140 Characters

Compton's story features many quotes from Hamonic, Capuano and Tavares (but not Snow) on the entire situation. It's most likely the most insight we'll get for now but does not go into specifics behind the request. A small sample of an article very much worth the time:

"I don't want to handcuff the team by any means," Hamonic said. "Garth has a job to do, and I completely understand that and I respect this process. I think I respect Garth tremendously, not just as a general manager but as a person as well. I think maybe in this business people overlook some of those things. He's going to do what he feels is best for the organization, and I've said that from the start that I signed here and I love it here.

So in a nutshell: Though he loves the Isles, Hamonic requested they find a western home for him for personal reasons, the Isles are quietly trying to do so, and both player and team recognize it might not happen now, or even soon.

UPDATE: Check stories filed from the above reporters here in Newsdaythe Post, Compton's piece at and the Isles official site.

Onward. The Canadiens are in town tomorrow night, and there is revenge to be administered.