Lighthouse Hockey Meetup: Friday, 11/20 vs MTL

Good day fellow Isles fans,

Anyone interested in meeting up for a few beers before this Friday night's game at Barclays? I've been browsing through the other threads and see a lot of us like to hit up McMahon's Public House two blocks from the arena. Never been there, but I'm getting out of work early and would love to check it out. If LHH folks are okay with that spot, I can be there at 6.

My attire: I'll be wearing a Billy Smith jersey (#31) and be with my girlfriend, who will be wearing a poofy Isles hat. I also have a blond head and glasses. Tap me on the shoulder and ask if I'm that guy who wrote the Long Island craft beer guide. I'm told that users jbotte and 19! like to pregame as well.

Check me, guys. Looking forward to it!

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