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Islanders News: I guarantee a win, or my name ain't Nathan Arizona

Don't print that, son. If his mama reads that, she'll give up all hope.

The key here is elecrons.
The key here is elecrons.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Not much additional Islanders reading since yesterday, but rest assured there shall be action tonight. The Islanders wouldn't dare lose to desert dogs on John Tavares Bobblehead Night, would they?

Leave your FIG picks for tonight here.

  • Nick Leddy will be at Sunset Park Recreation Center in Brooklyn Tuesday to teach youngsters "basic hockey fundamentals" like breaking the puck out of your own zone through sheer wizardry and logging five NHL seasons by age 24. [Isles]
  • Remember the RBK (vowels not included) era and its overhyped, over-pinstriped, mess of a redesign of all 30 teams? A new prototype of the Isles would-be uni surfaced. [LHH]
  • Reminder: Hockey Talks Brooklyn with all kinds of Isles-flavored guests is Tuesday. Tix still available.

For discussion then:

  • Despite losing to Columbus on their way to New York, the Coyotes are upending everyone's expectations. [AZ Sports]
  • In the NWHL, the Riveters beat Boston for their first win of the season. Cool shots of: closing buzzer, goalie bow, and greeting young fans.
  • 30 Before 30: This NY woman is on an NHL arena quest. [Stadium Journey]
  • Around the Metro, the Smurfs won yet again on a late goal from the Hobbit, against terrible Leafs goaltending courtesy of Jonathan Bernier. [PPP | TSN]
  • Here's a weekly snapshot of the division. [All about the Jersey]
  • Meanwhile, it seems the Penguins are in disarray after two ugly losses in the Metro. [PensBurgh | Puck Daddy]
  • Headline says a stupid Rangers fan ruined the Garden's tribute to Paris, while the article says he couldn't "ruin" it. [Daily News]
  • Larry Brooks says its cute that the NHL -- or in this case, a bunch of direct shots at the Flyers -- is worried about goalscoring when they still aren't doing enough about blind-side headshots. [Post]